French Macaron (ea.)


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Indulge yourself or your guests with a skillfully created almond meringue pastry known as a Macaron. We use only the finest ingredients and specific temperatures to create the perfect taste experience that is a macaron. With a delicate crisp outer shell, light and airy inside, and the luxurious buttercream or ganache center, one bite and you’ll understand why these little treats stand so tall on their own. Macarons? Mais oui!

Macaron are available in an assortment of the following flavours available in our drop down menu.


Pistachio, Cranberry Sour, Egg Nog, Birthday Cake, Vanilla Bean, Hot Chocolate, Brown Butter Cookie Dough, Salted Caramel, Vegan Candy Cane Oreo, Vegan Vanilla Bean, Vegan Hot Chocolate, Vegan Strawberry Champagne