About Us

About us


est. 2012

At Sweet Revenge Bake Shop we specialize in adding modern flair to a classic craft. Beneath each of our eye-catching designs is a cake that tastes simply divine. To top it off, every slice of heaven has been created by our passionate staff who love what they do.

Sweet Revenge Bake Shop has proven that people’s hearts and tummies still value locally-sourced baked goods made from scratch. We use high quality raw ingredients and our vegan and gluten-free options also ensure everybody gets a treat.  

Our knowledgeable staff ensure that your special occasion is unforgettable. At Sweet Revenge we pride ourselves on our custom cakes, from 3D cigar boxes and naked cakes, to wedding and children’s birthday cakes. With everything baked from scratch and personable customer service, you’ll wonder why you ever baked at home!