Cupcakes (ea.)


An assortment of our most popular  flavours.

Simply Vanilla, Death By Chocolate, Little Red Velvet,  Cookie Dough, Vegan Oreo, Vegan Strawberry , Gluten Free Red Velvet.

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Please be advised that some of our ingredients might trigger allergies.

Product care instructions for cupcakes:
Our cupcakes are fresh and made from scratch each morning. They are best enjoyed at room temperature and should be eaten day of purchase. If you, by some feat of fortitude far greater than ours, have cupcakes left they will keep up to three days in an airtight container. Our cupcakes are topped with authentic buttercream that is made with real butter and vanilla. Please keep in mind that butter gets firm in the fridge, meaning our cupcakes do too. For this reason they should ALWAYS be kept at room temperature and never in the fridge.



Simply Vanilla, Death By Chocolate, Little Red Velvet, Cookie Dough, Turtle, Vegan Oreo, Vegan Strawberry, Gluten Free Red Velvet